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Find Out Everywhere They're Going With Personal GPS Trackers
Sentinel Micro Real-Time GPS Tracker
Locate Assets, Vehicles, or People in Real-Time
Retail Price: $299.99
Sale price: $199.99
  • New easy to use design
  • Water resistant
  • Covert real-time GPS tracking
  • Up to 30 days of tracking per battery charge
  • Enhanced GPS tracking territory coverage
  • Get notified when vehicle enters a zone you specify
  • Panic button for emergency alerts
Nomad Real-Time GPS Tracker
Sentinel Micro Real-Time GPS Tracker
Tracking Key II GPS Logger
Tracking Key Pro GPS Logger
Our portable Nomad tracker is the absolute best in real-time GPS technology. Login from your smartphone to see the tracker & even get text message alerts.
Newly updated, the Sentinel Micro Real-Time GPS Tracker is extremely small, covert & water resistant. Log-in from a computer or phone to see the current location & everywhere it's been.
Recently upgraded, this fantastic and easy-to-use GPS tracker features an enhanced battery life with simple setup. Activity can be easily viewed using the brand-new cloud-based software that is now PC and Mac compatible!
Place this fantastic GPS tracker on a car, let it drive around, & then plug it into a PC to see all the details about where it's been with Google Maps.
Retail Price: $499.99
Sale price: $229.99
Retail Price: $299.99
Sale price: $199.99
Retail Price: $299.99
Sale price: $179.00
Retail Price: $249.99
Sale price: $139.99
iTrail GPS Logger
Cheaters Cruiser Hard-Wired Real-Time GPS Tracker
Cheaters CoPilot Real-Time GPS Tracker
Battery & Magnetic Case for Nomad GPS Tracker
The iTrail is a small, affordable GPS tracker that monitors everywhere a vehicle has been. Anywhere & anytime it moves, you'll see it mapped out.
If you want to hardwire a real-time GPS tracker for constant power, the Cruiser is the perfect choice. Never worry about recharging batteries again.
The CoPilot is a working GPS navigator with a secret: it has a tracker built inside. You'lll be able to sign in and see everywhere the vehicle is.
Increase the battery life of your Nomad GPS by up to 6 months using our extended pack. This includes the weatherproof magnetic case.
Retail Price: $249.99
Sale price: $189.99
Retail Price: $449.99
Sale price: $249.99
Retail Price: $599.99
Sale price: $399.99
Retail Price: $299.99
Sale price: $149.99
Weatherproof Magnetic Case For GPS Trackers
Extended Battery & Case For Sentinel Micro
Micro Magnetic Case For Sentinel GPS
Magnetic Case for iTrail GPS Logger
Securely latch the Cheaters Nomad tracker underneath a vehicle with this extremely powerful magnet & weatherproof case.
Extend the battery life of your Sentinel GPS tracker by up to 6-months with this extended battery & weatherproof, magnetic case.
Our Sentinel Micro tracker fits perfectly in this plastic case. The two magnets securely lock on to the metal framework underneath a vehicle.
This weather-resistant case uses a powerful magnet that is attached to securely hold our iTrail passive tracker on a vehicle.
Retail Price: $69.99
Sale price: $39.99
Retail Price: $300.00
Sale price: $199.99
Retail Price: $79.99
Sale price: $29.99
Retail Price: $39.99
Sale price: $29.95
GPS trackers use satellite triangulation to determine the precise location of the vehicle. All you need to do is place the device anywhere on the vehicle; the GPS tracker will automatically begin tracking and recording your vehicle’s location.

GPS Loggers record the movements of a vehicle so you can view the log later. Plugging the tracker into your computer lets you use programs like Google Earth to track your vehicle’s route, look up the addresses of any stops, and more.

Real-Time GPS Trackers give you the ability to see your vehicle’s location in real-time by logging in from your computer or Android / iPhone. You can still view the vehicle’s movement logs at any time, and you can also receive text message alerts when your vehicle moves or enters a particular area.

If you are a parent, you may want the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your teen is at all times. If you are a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you need the ability to track each of them. For all of your vehicle tracking needs, Cheaters Spy Shop has a GPS solution that will work for you.