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Phone Call Recorder
Phone Call Recorder
Phone Call Recorder
Phone Call Recorder
Phone Call Recorder
Phone Call Recorder
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Phone Call RecorderPhone Call RecorderPhone Call RecorderPhone Call RecorderPhone Call RecorderPhone Call Recorder

Phone Call Recorder

Save Your Important Cell Phone & Business Calls
  • Record all your cell phone calls and voicemails
  • Store 66 hours worth of high-quality audio
  • No tech experience required
  • Runs on 2xAAA batteries for 15 hours
  • Very useful for meetings, divorce cases, & workplace harassment
  • Plug into a PC or use the included speaker to listen to your recordings
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  • Record all your cell phone calls and voicemails
  • Store 66 hours worth of high-quality audio
  • Runs on 2xAAA batteries for 15 hours
  • Use the included speaker or headphones to listen to your recordings
  • Very useful for meetings, divorce & custody cases, and workplace harassment
  • No tech experience required

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Record phone calls, meetings, and personal conversations

The Sleuthgear D4000 audio recorder is the most diverse audio recorder we offer due to the fact that it can be used as a bodyworn, room, cell phone, or landline recorder. It may be the only audio recorder youíll ever need!

Our included earbud microphone makes it simple for you to record all your important conversations. Whenever you are about to make a call for your cellphone or pickup the phone at work or home, just stick the earbud mic in your ear, plug it into your audio recorder, and record the entire call!

The Sleuthgear D4000 features voice activation technology, which saves memory space and prevents you from having to fast forward through hours of silence. It can be placed in a conference room to record a business meeting, placed in a pants pocket to discreetly record a conversation, or plugged directly into a landline phone jack and record calls simply by picking up the telephone! It comes with a tiny Ďlapelí style microphone that can be clipped to cloth such as a belt loop and hidden underneath a shirt.

Sleuthgear D4000 is customizable, and you can adjust the volume levels needed to enable sound activation. Whenever it hears sound, it will turn on and make a new file (ex. File 1) and record for the duration of the event. When the sounds stop for 20 seconds, the unit turns off and will turn back on when more sound occurs. It will make a new file the next time sound happens (ex. File 2), which makes it really simple to find the audio you are looking for.

All your landline calls will automatically be recorded

The Sleuthgear D4000 recorder includes an attachment so the recorder can plug directly into a standard phone jack. Using the attachment, the D4000 can be plugged into any phone jack in a single phone line home or business and will automatically record the phone call anytime the phone is picked up.

You know how when you talk on your home phone, and someone in another room might pick up and join the conversation? The D4000 recorder works the same way and can hear all calls being made from any phone in the house without making any noise. Furthermore, it will actually draw very little electricity when it isnít recording, so youíll get plenty of record time.

Please note this feature will not work on all phones, like VoIP systems such as Vonage or magicJack.

  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • Workplace harassment
  • Recording cell phone calls
  • Divorce cases
  • Custody battles
  • Business conferences
  • School lectures
  • Peace of mind

How It Works

Listening to the audio recording is easy

Each Sleuthgear D4000 has a speaker built-in so you can hear all your recordings by just hitting the Ďplayí button. There is also a sound-output jack so you can plug in a set of headphones or connect it to your computer speakers. It also comes with a USB cable to connect it to a computer for recharging as well as taking the audio files off the unit so you can keep them on a computer, email them or burn them to a disk.

To use the earbud mic to record your cell calls, plug it into the audio recorders microphone input. Place the earbud mic in an ear. When you accept your call or listen to you voicemail, hold the phone up to your ear like you normally would, making sure it is the same ear that the mic is in. The mic will record both your voice and the person you are talking to; donít worry, the earbud wonít get in the way of you hearing the person on the other end. The audio quality on the earbud mic is crystal clear, so donít worry about poor sound!
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